Another Birth

I scream …but in silence

Who is the one that could understand such screams?

I have spent years screaming

I have spent the years shedding tears within my being

And I, with a distressed existence, were fearful in drowning in such tears

Today, my soul has brought a gift of tears and laughter

Its thousand-nights of tales, now are confined within me

These inscriptions that placed the bricks surrounding my heart

One by one are the tales worth exclaiming

These untold tales are the jewels in a treasure that’s shackled

Its crypt, imprisoned within the walls of my heart

I shall not know till when

I shall not know the reason

Yet my curiosities have inspired the eruption of abundant volcanic heights, its flames devouring my existence

And I, yet again, powdered ash

And I, yet again, from the souls of the ash render another birth

In this life, perhaps a blossom

Perhaps a butterfly

Perhaps for mere moments, the tides of the sea, yet crazed

Perhaps a grape, renewed as wine, sipped by the lips of the beloved

Perhaps the flame of a candle that illuminates the dusky room of a lover’s heart

Perhaps, a heavy cloud taking refuge the parched field

Perhaps the image of a lasting moment, resting on the wall

Or perhaps a mirror transcending truth

Perhaps the ink on the scrolls that eternally shapes the words of an old soul’s poem

Or perhaps the moon, yes, the moon

Igniting a flare on the nights

Inspiring the lovers of the times

Or perhaps a shooting-star that shall express any wish

Or perhaps…perhaps I shall become a missing note, concluding that incomplete melody

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