I was born in Hamedan, Iran before the 1979 political revolution. I was brought up in a family that was not in the practice of exposing art and artistic endeavours to each other. Nevertheless, I began to express myself creatively through writing poetry at the age of fourteen. Subject matter: my pains and sorrows, and the expression of who and what I yearned to be; all this, through the vehicle of the written word. Today, when I think of Iran, I choose to remember the wonders that are Rumi , Hafez, , Omar Khayyam, Saadi, Ahmad Shamlou, Iraj Mirza, and etc. At the age of nineteen, I migrated to Canada where I continued my academic studies, obtaining a degree of Business Administration from the University of Brock and as a result took my place in the world of business achieving success within that sector. 20 years after i decided to leave the business world, I took the next three years to travel  the world and work on my arts, painting and photography.
Today, I am proud to be the Founder of House of Moments, an Arts Space for the Arts, Artists, and the Arts Lover.

So welcome…welcome to my website. I hope that I can inspire positive thought and action as I share my story with you through my artistic endeavors. And remember…

I am an ordinary person… with extraordinary intentions.

Love and Peace,
Hamid Kouchak

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