People forget how many different ways they are able to meditate. When I paint, it is without a doubt in my mind, a form of meditation. I have been painting ever since I were a child, but I never believed that I would be able to make it a profession because I never thought I were any good to begin with! Of course with that thought, I did not suspend my love for the artistic process and as a result, in my youth, I enrolled into art classes. The overall reason why I chose to make painting my artistic priority is due to my never-ending cause to express the importance and philosophy of the current moment to anyone and everyone. Now, having entered into the world of art, I believe fully that there is no end and I will continue serving this cause for as long as humanely possible. I believe that art must tell a story. Art must have a message. I truly believe that the main purpose of art is to transcend the message of love. In my opinion, it does not matter what kind of artist one is, or through which medium one exhibits art…an artist can absolutely show the beauty of life through the production of art.
Every art process is created with an intention. My intention for my art is purely, love. Love to change lives, love to help excel, love to show that “it” is possible… “it” is changing lives. . I hope that you enjoy and are inspired by my “Moments” collection of work and continue to pass on the message of love.

My Works

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