The reason that I began my photography collection is due to the fact that I wanted to discover and exercise another medium to display the “Moments” art collection. I thought to myself that while there may be individuals (artists and non-artists alike) that will enjoy my paintings, there will be individuals who enjoy the photography medium more so and as a result, I began the photography collection. I incorporate my paintings into my photography by taking a photograph of my paintings and projecting that visual onto my models or subjects and finally photographing the result. This technique, as far as I know, is an original thought. I have experimented with this technique of photography not only using my paintings, but I have taken photographs of other subjects and again projected that onto a secondary subject and again, finally taken a photograph on the result, subsequently creating a medium within a medium.

I should mention that I have had no former academic photography education. I enjoy, immensely, informing people so they know that they are all worthy of becoming a part of a photograph that hopefully will inspire the message of my art to anyone who views it.  I hope you enjoy and are inspired by my photography collections and keep transcending the message of love and living every second of life, in the moment.

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